How can I let him know I want him to kiss me?

Okay, so my boyfriend and I are moving slow because he's my first boyfriend and because he doesn't want a girl who pushes him too hard like his previous ones. We've been dating a while now and I really want to kiss him, but we're still in the "hugging" stage. I want to kiss him but I'm afraid I'll seem too pushy. How can I let him know I want him to kiss me, or how can I tell if he even wants to kiss me too?


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  • when holding him close to you, look into his eyes and when he's looking at you at that moment slowly look towards his lips and then look back into his eyes and do a half smile, then slowly move towards his lips with yours and then he'll know.

    my main pointer if your a girl who likes to wear makeup, at this point dont, it will make the moment much lovelyer


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