Have you noticed MOST men and women that are like in their late twenties or older that never have been on a date only go after good looking people?

We all want to date a hot person but we have to be realistic. Around 2 and a half years ago, I started to ONLY ask out women in my league, and even though I still got rejected every single time, just like 4 days ago, a woman in my league that I have been talking to a while has said yes to going on a date with me. If I still would have gone only after attractive women, I would probably still would have no luck with getting a date for many more years. I really like this girl I am going to go out with.



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  • i don't think it makes sense to go out with someone you aren't attracted to... all people should go out with people that they find attractive.

    • I get what you are saying but most average and below average looking people don't, most of them only go after people in their league since they know most people in higher attractiveness level won't give them a chance. That is sadly the case and there is truth to it.

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    • Yeah I guess it does kind of fit. Don't be ashamed of looking arab though. So many arab women are gorgeous. You are attractive. I am not hitting on you by the way. It is just that we are talking about looks lol. Have a goodnight karahiri. I am logging off the internet and going to bed.

    • lmao thanks. good night!

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  • I don't think the "going for an attractive person" is a problem. But if they go after someone that they've got nothing in common with, no chance at real compatibility with simply because they're "hot," then it's no wonder that they're lacking in success.

    • Actually, it is man. Most attractive people only date attractive people, most people who are not attractive that ask them out get rejected. That is how life is.

    • I think you're assuming too much. While there are some universal components of attraction (a pretty face, for example, or strong arms) it's just not that clearly defined from one person to the next.

      Also, you can't discount the role that non-physical attributes play, ESPECIALLY when it comes to women.

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  • didn't think any guys on here asked out ladies.

    good stuff

    • Many do but failed in succeding

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    • There are many that asked and many that haven't. I have asked out many women and I stopped going after women out of my league about 2 and a half years ago. After that I only went after women in my league and finally recently a woman said yes to going on a date with me. If I kept going after attractive women I would have remained dateless for so many more years.

    • I've noticed u have a lot to say (not just to me). brevity is rewarding.

  • Settling sucks.