Is this girl for real or isn't she serious about this?

First things first I'm 21 years old and I'm in my last year of school, she's 18 turning 19 next month and is in the university. We only have been together for 4 months now but we're both serious about this at least thats what she tells me. I know it's stupid to be asking this but what the hell. The only problem I have with this relationship is that she never has time to go out or at least come over to my place or stay overnight. Either she's at school studying in the week and afterworths she has to stay home for her sister, working or at home to babysitting on her 12 year old sister in the weekends... so her whole week is booked. Apparently I can't come over when her mom is home, but I do when she's not because her mom works a lot so I visit her maybe 2-3 times a week at her place but her sister is always at home so that just kills the vibe. And when my girlfriends gone working afterworts she and her colloges sometimes go to this local bar to party, so I'm thinking "she can make time to party but it's way to difficult to make time for me". Were I come from we have this saying 'a relationship has to come from both sides' and I get the feeling I'm doing all the effort. She promist to make some more effort and to come over more often and what not... But so far I haven't seen any results not a single one these past 4 months, if I don't make the effort to go to her or ask when she's staying for the night I don't get to see her... What do should I tink of this? Sorry for the bad writhing


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