Is moving that fast creepy?

This guy and I met online and seemed to hit it off pretty well, there's about 5 years in age difference but neither of us mind. But after only texting him for 1 day, he thought that we should date and over the next couple days proceeded to referrence our relationship in the future (at least 10 months). At this point I had yet to even meet him in persons. Now I've met him and he seems like a nice guy, but should I be worried that he is referencing a relationship that fast?


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  • This is pretty individualized. Each relationship moves at a different rate. If you feel that it is too fast, then it's too fast. It's best to just tell him to slow down a bit and make sure you are telling him that you aren't saying that to be distant but more because you want something but needs it to be slower. If he seems like a nice guy in person, he probably is. Maybe he has no game or he is a hopeless romantic like many of us :P


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