Do I have a right to be mad?

Im 17. This weekend, my close friend and I went to another friends party. At the party i was flirting with this guy i just met, she already knew him. I hooked up with that same guy and later on I noticed my close friend was getting really upset and she didn't want to talk to me. That was my first kiss. So, I didn't see her after that and i went home. I texted her the next day to see if she was fine and she said that she just had a headache. I didn't really believe her so the day after, i asked her about it and she said she needed to talk to me too. She told me that after i hooked up with the guy they went outside and she hooked up with him. She said that she knew him for a long time, and now they're talking. After that i got super upset, but i acted like i was fine. Later that day i told her that i she really upset me and that i didn't want to talk to her and the day after i just didn't talk to her in school. I was really upset when she told me and i even cried about it. were not talking now. but i kinda regret the decision of ignoring her. I don't know was this too harsh. do i have a right to b upset?


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  • yes you do!


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