Does economic class matter?

Im convinced economic class is not that important if you like someone, as long as it's not a huge gap where the wealthier person thinks the other is a gold digger. But my friend doesn't think this guy will go out with her because she is not as wealthy as him. He's like upper middle class and she is lower if not the middle of the middle class. What do you guys think? Does it really matter?


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  • I'd like to say it doesn't but it does. Not just in dating but in friendships as well. If you can't afford to eat at the same restaurants, go on the same trips and what not it makes common activities harder. It actually may matter more in friendships than in dating. I've dated guys that make far less than me and usually pay for the expensive things. I also have done so with some friends but that is only on occasion as it would get burdensome over time. I've been on both ends of this, the friend that makes less and the friend that makes more. When I'm the one who makes less I can maybe keep up for a while but when they are constantly paying a boat load for last minute airfare on a weekend that costs over $2,500 we eventually just fall out of touch.

    At your age with dating it matters less but it starts to matter more when you have your own income.

  • huh at first I thought you were talking about an economic course lol.
    it would affect it honestly because the girl won't be able to keep up with the guy.
    Assuming that they have the same level of education cause this would affect too.
    Also his environment, friends and habits are different than hers.
    In general they have a different lifestyle.