Any graveyard workers have trouble dating?

I've been working 3rd shift for quite a while, and I'm just wondering if anyone else is having trouble or if it's just me.


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  • Graveyard is so unhealthy man. I wouldn't do it. Find another job. I would definitely say it would hurt the dating field.

    • Yeah, I know. I've been trying to get a new job, but I've been struggling to get one.

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    • I'm a student right now.. I mean I won't graduate till 26-27 years old most likely which sucks but oh well.

    • Well, maybe you'll get the job you want right out of graduation.

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  • Nah I never sleep though I sleep from usually 3-5 pm so I get to see people during more normal hours but I work 10 hour shift 4 days a week so I get 3 days on the weekend to crash and eat ass

    • Well, at least you have off on weekends. I have to work every other weekend.

    • Yea I'm getting Thursday Friday Saturday off. I'm a creature of the night as it is, if I had to work first shift I'd die, I'd never wake up or be on time

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