Guys, does he still have feelings for me?

I have liked him from the very begining but bottled up my feelings for so long and never told him how I felt. I was scared of being hurt and rejected, and push people away before they can get too close and hurt me. Now I've fallen for him so hard but I'm not sure where he stands because we just have sex now. We first hooked up a year ago, and have been hooking up ever since. He asked me out on a date a month after we first hooked up and we then hung out a few more times. He was making an effort then. But we both never talked about what we were or our feelings and so I started doubting he liked me and I just assumed it was casual. I feel I pushed him away because I would only message him when I was drunk and we'd hook up when we were drunk because I thought he didn't like me. I think he felt I had rejected him a few months ago when he made a rude comment then tried to kiss me, and I didn't let him so he just left the bar. I was angry because I didn't know what we were and I told him we should just be friends. I didn't mean that, I just said it because I was upset. I would talk to other guys and hook up with other guys also because I thought he didn't want to be anything serious. I just slept with some one three weeks ago and he just went on a date with some girl last week.. All along I just wanted him and I still just want to be with him and go back to spending time, not more BS. I just want to tell him all this and be honest


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