Is your type hard to find? What if you find them but they lack confidence?

What if you find your type (and maybe they're hard to find). Maybe they dress your type, they have the face and/ body of your type and you think they might have the personality of your type or maybe they do! But they're not confident with socializing with you or other people. Say for example you see your type on the street, but they're hesitant and shy to approach you.


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  • I've seen my type on and offline. Its just the hard part is trying to ask them out lol


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  • I am the same way, so I could relate. It's funny though, because I have a sixth sense that kind of realizes when someone isn't confident in socializing or is shy, and I am able to kind of "take the lead" and start a conversation with them, if that makes any sense. It doesn't bother me at all if you're not confident because I'm not either and I completely understand.


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