Guys, I sleepover at his place yesterday on our 1st date, (but not our first meet) is it a turn-off?

We both first met during our friend farewell party and we both are attracted to each other but neither one is brave enough to make a move.
He then decided to ask me outand our date went really well.
We ended up spending long hours on our first date and when I was about to leave its already too late and he sugested that I should sleepover at his place in a different bedroom and he will send me back home the next morning.

However, because of the high sexual attraction I slept on his bed and we did fool around WITHOUT having sex and he kept his pants on the whole time. Is it a turn-off that I decided to go back to his place?
Is there any chance that this could turn into a relationship?


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  • For me, it's a turn-on, actually, that's what happened with my current girlfriend, but our first date were our first meet too.

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