I am not sure what is happening?

I've been dating this girl now for 1-2 months. She is in 8th and I'm in 7th. We have only 2 periods together which is our elective and PE. We see each other twice during passing periods.

For the past 4 days since we've got back from winter break she's been kissing me on the cheek a lot. When we cuddle in our elective she kisses me on the cheek. After PE she kisses me on the cheek. During passing periods too. I have kissed her a few times on the cheek as well.

She has never kissed me before. I am her first boyfriend and she has not kissed anyone before. She is not the type of girl to lie about that.

Also when we're cuddling she'll keep looking back at me like I should kiss her. Is this it?

Is this a sign that she really likes me? Is she kissing me more and more on the cheek so I'll kiss her on the lips? Going too fast?

Is it also weird that we have switched shirts a couple of times?

Im not trying to sound cocky or anything but is she heads over heels for me? It just seems like she is.

When she's been kissing me, each kiss has been getting closer to my lips. Is she doing this purposely or subconsciously?


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  • it sounds like she likes you and that she does want you to kiss her back. take it slow.

    • Can you help me with my question please

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    • Oh sorry I asked it anonymously and the question is just about 15 mins before

    • When she's been kissing me on the cheek it has been slowly moving closer to my lips each time. Is she doing this purposely or subconsciously?

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  • Aww, she likes you.


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  • How do y'all have classes together if your in separate grades?

    • It's our elective we have together which is stage crew. You have to be in 7th or 8th to be in it.

      For pe there are 4 different teachers and we have different teachers but same period.

  • You can trust her I think


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  • it's just a kiss man so there's nothing to be nervous about; at least i think you're nervous from this idfk tho.
    and yea i think she does

    • I'm just confused. I don't get the hints that she is giving me.

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