How would you react if your girlfriend went on vacation to another country without you?

I'm going on vacation without my boyfriend, it's not that I wouldn't want to go with him, but he's broke, so he can't go. Do you think he's going to react badly to this? I haven't told him yet since I just found out today.


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  • It would be an emotional drag, but the circumstances seem reasonable enough. You have to be willing to trust your SO in these situations, so I'd except it.

    He's also going to spend time without you, so the trust goes two ways. He's just missing out on a worldly experience with a girl he loves.


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  • Can you afford to pay his freight? If so, why don't you?

    • No, I can't. My dad is paying for me

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    • Possessive? Hon, yr going on vacation with yr FATHER ffs. That would cross the line from "jealous"/"possessive" into "insane".

      What negative reaction could he possibly have?

      I mean, "I'll miss you" is one thing. That, that'd be understandable.
      If he has a jealous reaction when yr own daddy takes you on vacation tho? Uh... I'd rethink this relationship, if I were you.

    • that's exactly what i thought

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  • As long as you are not gonna cheat on me with dudes over there I would be happy for you...
    And kinda sad for myself...


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