Does this sound like he is simply using me? (please read my comments for rest of the question)?

Been dating my guy now 1 year - He’s a lovely guy but, he works 6hours away. He used to message every day & said wants to do loads in bed but he doesn’t seem into it at all (or just with me) and even told me at start of relationship to finish myself off -

He text last night to say he will be home a few days but he has work to do - haven't seen each other for two weeks - if it was me i would be dying to see my partner.
I just feel like im used as a back up so he won't be alone in life - but im alone here waiting for him to come home when he can. He sees so many people in his job, i am so alone.

You need to read the link because otherwise you won't underatnd


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  • He doesn't really want you he just wants control of you.


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  • Doesn't sound like he's using you. It sounds like he has a life and that you are not the most important part of it, which means you are on two different wave lengths. If you are constantly waiting for him to come home, you need to find something that fills your time. Pursue interests and find passions outside of your guy. For some people, their significant other is the sum total of everything to them. Lover, best friend, activity partner etc... That can be exhausting for one partner who may have other interests, and tragic for the other who has no other outlets. One potential direction for you would be to look for someone who's more in alignment with your needs, but I think the root of your loneliness is that you need other things in your life to fulfill you and your time.


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