I aske him out basically and he said?

i finally asked him out!!
But he left me with an 'I don't know'... Does that mean no? I think he likes me but...


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  • It could also mean that he isn't sure if he is good enough for you or that if he can carry it off properly.

    Again lots of guys prefer to do the asking and a girl asking them may not hit the right buttons :)

    • He said I'm too good for him... How can I persuade him that I'm not?

    • Ha ha ha thought as much. Oh well it takes a little more to convince a guy who has a low self esteem issue and/or thinks the girl is beyond his league than it does to convince a girl. I'd say hang around with him w/o asking him out on a date or even coffee and things will hopefully settle in.

      Good luck :)

  • It means he needs time to think / unsure of going out with you. Give him 3 days max to think.
    If he is not sure, then forget it the don't know means something else.


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