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So I think this really quiet girl is into me, we've never spoken or been introduced but I've seen the way she looked at me a few times and I think she's just gorgeous. I have tried to ask her out 4 times this week but my anxiety flared up each time and I chickened out. Would you think it was really lame if I asked her out by handing her a note? I have a hard time asking girls out I can sometimes can get through it but this time I just can't push through the anxiety. What should it say?

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  • Yes you could go with the note or you could go up to her, introduce yourself, ask her what she's doing later and see if she wants to join you for a drink or coffee :) GOOD LUCK! I know it's hard but it is better than wondering 'what if' :)

    • I can't though, I think I can but when I go to do it my anxiety flares up. I need to take the easy way out unfortunately.

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    • Oh :( I'm sorry to hear that :( Did she at least acknowledge your note or did she ignore it?

    • She read it, at least the first part. She smiled but kinda fumbled over her words trying to say she has a boyfriend. I'm not sure if she was making up a lie on the spot or if she was just nervous.

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