Do you think boyfriends compliment heir girlfriends less if she is very pretty?

From my experience it is seen as a given and never gets discussed or reassured. Being pretty is subjective and we all have our down days. I only need to hear it once but it seems most men will never say it.

I eventually leave because I get no support or encouragement. I give plenty of it though and I don't date hot guys. I just feel like these guys don't really like me and are wasting my time.

I have have a pretty face and nice body. I have good skin and still get carded all the time. My ex boyfriends will comment on when I wear a slinky dress and heels very positively but in my city we don't often dress that way.

Mean while very good looking male colleagues make innocent comments when they over hear my conversations about wearing different make up as I get older saying I don't need it and it will ruin my skin.

I get hit on at the grocery store, park, gym whereever by good looking men.

But it boyfriends never tell me I'm pretty or that they like my body. What am I doing wrong?


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  • I think my girlfriend is absolutely gorgeous, and I frequently tell her so. I want her to know that I find her attractive.

    I don't tell her so much that she gets sick of it, but I routinely compliment her hair, or her outfit, telling her that it compliments her natural beauty.

    If she's wearing a pair a pants that I like, I will comment of how fantastic her ass looks. She knows I appreciate her for much more than her body, but Iconsider myself lucky, for having such a beautiful girlfriend, and I would never want her to think that I take her for granted.

    She looks amazing, and I want her to know that I appreciate the effort she puts into looking that good, even if she's doing it for her own self-image, rather than my benefit. I still like the result.


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  • I've had a... something with someone for the past year. And at the beginning he would call me beautiful, etc. and I liked it a lot. It made me feel good, reassured me he still found me attractive.

    Now? Now all I get is a "that was sexy" after I've sent him a picture / video or if I say something about being uncertain on how I look he just says "I'd still pound it."

    ... like no. that's not what I want to hear. I want more of the "you have a beautiful face. even at your worst, you're still pretty." he gave me towards the beginning of our... whatever.

    But I don't think I'll ever get that again, so I'll just be perpetually insecure that he doesn't find me attractive anymore. 'cause contrary to what he may believe, showing me he's hard via me doesn't really constitute as a worthy compliment.

    • I like your username.

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  • It would be logical girls that are very attractive will know this and will be confident but the more average looking girl is probably more self conscious and likes more compliments.

  • men dont need constant validation from others to feel good about themselves because they usually have good self esteem and no security issues so they dont feel the need to constantly say what is obvious about themselves or others... you on the other hand...

    • People are people. Not all women need 'validation' nor do all men. But I know every man I have ever run across gets something from any type of compliment. It isn't necessarily needed by either party. But if all you ever do is put a person down it gets old quick.

      I compliment everyone in my life and make sure I only say it if it is sincere. My assistant has to listen to me explain why something is wrong as part of training. I can't overlook it because it does her no good. But I make sure to tell her every time something is right. I make sure she hears me telling my clients how well she is doing and that she can man my desk while I'm out at a conference.

      I make sure people in my life like being part of it I guess is what it comes down to. I treat people well. Even people I dislike, they might get neutral treatment from me but I do my best to make sure I'm not someone making their life worse.

    • you said nothing about the person bringing you down in the question. just that you leave them because they dont compliment you.

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