Girls, I am not quite sure how to start this conversation, or if I even should?

So, over the summer I was talking to this girl I had/have a crush on, I asked her to hangout and she didn't want to. So eventually we ended up stopping texting eachother. She is exremely shy. In school I never really see her talk to anyone. I talk to her sometimes. The other day when I had to take the bus she rides to my guitar lessons, and we talked and I had her laughing the whole time. So basically should I try talking to her again and if i do how? I get really nervous and scared when it comes to this stuff.


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  • I think you have nothing to lose, you could try talking to her and just see how it goes. Just pop up to her with a simple 'hey, how've you been?', and if it doesn't work out, at least you can know that you tried. Good luck!


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