Girls, Arab dating a mixed girl?

So I'm a lebanese guy living in Sweden. My girlfriend is mixed with portuguese and Cape verdean so she is lightskinned. I have read that a lot of people look down on interracial couples and that arabs will look down on me etc but we've been together for 1,5years and I haven't encountered any of these. Everyone seems supportive so my question is would your parents be okay with you dating an arab and what do you think about arab men.


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  • Well, I guess it depends on where you live. Some countries and cities have people who are more tolerant and others not. Some places are dangerous for interracial couples.
    I've noticed that here where I live people don't look down on interracial couples. Sure, you'll find racist people but if an interracial couple is walking on the street people don't stare at them.
    While in others people don't care and see no problem with it.
    The fact that you guys never encountered someone who was against your relationship, it's really good.

    As for my parents, I have to be honest, I don't know what would be their reaction if I were dating an Arab guy. And I never thought about it, until now.

    I think some Arab men are handsome. But some of them do things that I don't like and disagree with.

  • I'm sure my parents would be extremely happy if I'm with an Arab man xD

  • You're both immigrants in Sweden anyway so swedes don't care. I have no idea of what arabs think about you though.

    I would not date an arab because I'm not attracted to them and I want someone from my own country. My parents would not be very happy if I dated an arab either but they wouldn't cut contact with me or anything like that.