Do you think you can fall in love when you barely know the person?

Like, if you know someone by name and on social media, have spoken to them a couple of times and just laugh at their jokes they make in class and stuff. It doesn't need to be falling in love perse, just a feeling of 'i'm really liking this person and want to get to know them better but can't' and you just think about them a lot, thinking about what a friendship would be like, or a relationship, how to become closer.

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  • No and be carefree thats one easy way to screw yourself pretty bad. Ya know you plan and think and think but it works in your head! What about what he want? Will he like you? Love that takes two and it requires action. Don't get stuck in without begin realstic.

    • I get that it requires two persons to love, but I mean if I would put some effort in it. Because they guy doesn't seem disinterested, I don't really like this guy, but I just think about him a lot lately, and as I do to most people, I envision if a relationship is possible and ehat that could be so I don't send out the wrong signals. But do you think you can start falling in love with a person you barely know?

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    • I guess you make an intersting point! True to that.(:

    • Thanks haha. I just really wanted opinions on this, so thank you!

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  • Liking is possible, falling in love isn't. Love is deeper and requires more things.

    • Of course, but could it be that you start to fall in love with their personality? I don't know..

    • That's the point. If you don't know a person enough, how will you know the personality? You just can't, first looks csn be deceiving.

    • I know a fake person when I see one. I have had many encoubters with those, unfortunately.

What Girls Said 1

  • i think so. I'm going through something like that. it's been awhile and i have no idea wtf is going on.

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