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Dating...My biggest problem is that I'm unwilling to lower myself to that of a damsel in distress/doe-eyed girl fawning over some guy, which seems to be the role most of my friends adopt, in order to get a date. And yet I don't believe in chasing guys. What should I do?


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  • you really think that's a problem?

    That's your greatest asset.

    Guys go after the damsel in distress girl because they show interest easily. Guys aren't afraid to ask them out because they know, right away, how interested they are. no risk.

    But with you, there will be tons of risk because they won't be able to read you right away. Guys won't usually go for something unless there's a high chance of success.

    So whoever does try to take a chance with you... they'll be doing it for the right reasons, because they truly see someone special in there. They'll be willing to take risks even if they don't know what they're getting into.

    Just stay true to yourself. You'll get a man that your friends can't even dream of.


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  • Well to a point that's admirable. HOWEVER if you never show interest in guys at all, you are never going to get a date ever. The chase is part of the game and while you don't nesscessarily have to activitely chase guys, if I guy approaches you and your interested, you need to show that interest. AND if you like a guy... bad news because chances are he's not even going to notice because you will not be trying to get his attention. The Chase is more or less what dating is all about.

  • Do nothing. If all proactive options are infeasible, then be inactive.


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