Can a couple who have broken up still be friends after the girl did something horrible?

A few days ago, I had my heart broken by a girl who I thought was the perfect girl. The thing is, I was at this party and she pulled me aside and said, the time we hooked up, she was wishing it was her ex. I told her she obviously had some issues to deal with and I suggested to have some time apart. The thing is she used me, and now I keep seeing her everywhere and she just glances at me and when I look at her, she turns away.

Before I start the search for another girl, should I wait for her or just go ahead and start dating someone else


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  • Wait for her go-ahead?

    No man. If you are to do that, you're just asking to be controlled. By dating someone else, you're sending two messages: 1. What she did to you was wrong and 2. You're not going to be controlled by anyone.

    You did the right thing. Stick with your decision and your principles and you will be fine.


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  • well I can't really say much but I guess when a girl does that it means one thing and that is every thing you and her did together was a lie I'm sorry but I guess its better to be honest then to lie right


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  • Sounds like you were probably used as a rebound (someone in place of the ex after a breakup, only to be dumped later on). This is the problem with some so-called 'perfect girls' who are in reality, not so-perfect at all. They possess this vain attitude, who thinks that because they have their looks they can their ways and treat people around them like dirt. I think as superasker says, you're gonna have to show her something by standing up for yourself and finding someone else more worthy of your attention and time. Best to forget about her and just move on.

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