How do I go about approaching guys I like in this environment?

Most of the time I'm at a train station or at a bus station and there are guys I find attractive at certain train stations

Also I go downtown a lot and there are a lot of handsome guys in the restaurant plaza but they wear nice suits and look professional so I guess it's a little intimidating because I only go to the Plaza in casual clothes to get a bite to eat, some of the guys travel in groups because I think most of them are just on break

I have approached guys before but I'm not sure how to go about showing my interest in getting there phone number

Am I supposed to wait for them to ask for my number while talking to them? Sometimes I think the guy is not interested if he does not give me his number or ask for mine.

How do I do it without looking desperate? The guys who usually approach me are not my type


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  • Pretend you need help with directions or something, then push the conversation forward, I'm pretty sure you'll get your number asked. Nothing wrong with you asking for it anyway

  • Maybe you have eyecontact , smile first. You need to attract man. If you ask number rashly. man just think you are cheap, and just want sex

    • Well that's why I asked because I don't want to look desperate

    • I usually wait for them to ask me for my number but they don't so I just say bye and assume they are not interested

    • Maybe the places are not good for having a romantic casual dating. Men in there just want to have some food , take a rest. They are not intention to have a date.
      No matter what, you just have a nice dress, be smile , confident, sometimes send a eyecontact to men. It takes time to let guys ask your number.

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  • Eye-contact
    "Hi, excuse me! I was wondering if you could tell me where /insert location is located?"
    Then proceed on having small talk with them, then give them your number.

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