Im so afraid to be alone now?

After all my breakups i can't stand being home alone. I hate it. It scares the shit out of me now. After my breaksups i must be out and about or i get really depressed. Why is that? Anyone have similar experiences? How do i be happy being alone?


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  • you probably have been so dependant in relationships so when you're alone it feels lonely because you have no one to lean on. you should surround yourself with great friends or family and stay in watch a movie, listen to music, or eat food. Having a day to yourself is important so just relax and don't overthink it too much

    • I am out with great friends. All the time. My friends are amazing, i can lean on them for anything. Still doesn't change the fact that i feel alone. I can be in a room filled with good friends, and still feel alone, and only want one person. I wish i can be happy being alone and by myself, but i can't.

    • perhaps it's a mental thing, sometimes our minds trick us into believing things that we shouldn't. But there are people out there who just love company and can't stand to be alone and perhaps you're one of them! it isn't a negative thing it just means you love company. now if you're surrounded by 100 people and you still feel lonely then my advice is to go out there and search for someone who can love you through good times and bad! sometimes all we need is a partner in life to lean on.

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