Guys, give me your opinion please?

Given the case you get to know a girl and she is smart and funny, not bad looking and a little Crazy. She is out there and smiling at you and you really like her. You share interests and start spending time together.
She has told you she got a joint disease which is chronically..(and she has no sex before marriage) . After like two months you see her at the gym (where you sometimes train together) and she is limping and almost fainting. You find out that she has an addiction to morphine due to the pain killers she had to take in her childhood, but she never ever Takes them. She just craves them sometimes. You also know that while having a bad doctor she lost the ability to fall in love. The rush or endorphins doesn't do anything to her. But she can love...
Okay, would you not consider sticking around because she is way too fucked up?

  • I'd leave the instant I realised how serious she was
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  • I guess I would stick around a little
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  • It wouldn't bother me if I liked her
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  • no sex before marriage? no thanks.

    • Yeah kinda strange

      "I've got all this baggage but I'm still gonna make you wait years and years for sex :)"

  • Too complicated girl lol