How much turn off it is for a girl if she thinks that the guy is not sure about himself?

How much turn off it is if she thinks that the guy is insecure or cares too much about others' opinion of himself? Would it kill any kind of attraction that she has for me or is it possible that there could be a comeback?


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  • It souldn't matter, but it's always hot with someone who knows their self worth :)

    • I do know my self worth, but I am maybe insecure about one or two things, and I shared it with her and there was a complete U-turn in her behaviour...

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    • Maybe try and be her friend first and start it up as it was before? :)

    • We are kind of friends (with benefits) only... But we used to act like a couple and if we didn't live in different countries, things would have been more serious

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  • Depends on person to person but I don't think under-confidence can be attractive.

    • ofcourse it is not attractive, but I was wondering if it is end game or there can be some recovery...

    • You can literally shit in front of her and that wouldn't be "end game"

    • wow really... are you very experienced with relationships...

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