Do Arab boys feel intimidated when a white girl likes them? do races matter when asking a girl out?

SO I like a white guy And wonder if he feels intimidated asking me out because I am white and do races matter when boys are asking girls out. but firstly at the poll answer what Arab guy thinks

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  • I'm Arab, and believe me when I say that you being white, black, blue, green or whatever title you call yourself has no impact whatsoever on whether I would date you or not. If I find you an attractive, intelligent, humorous and interested girl I would more likely interested in dating you. It's really that simple from my side. Of course you are not gonna hear the same opinion from every single Arab guy or from all guys in general, people have different ways of thinking and view things that matter or does not matter for them. I knew a plenty of Arab guys who would never marry a girl who is not Arab, I even know some who wouldn't marry a girl outside their country. Race does matter for some but it doesn't for many others.

    • Oh and to answer the other question, no I don't think that he would be intimidated.

      by the way Arab guys are usually confident about what they are doing and can usually handle what they are facing well, it's due to the type of culture we grew up in.

    • Well that's extremely pleasant to hear. way to go mate!😃

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  • I don't think he's intimidated tbh... It probably doesn't matter to him. Arab guys are actually usually confident and don't get intimidated easily!


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  • Yep most arab guys loves white girls


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