What's it like dating/ be married too a guy in the military/armed forces?

I admit, I tend to avoid dating those type of guy because I think they're going to leave for like 3 years, come back and we won't be the same people ( I already know this is probably stupid but it's true). Is dating someone in the armed forces like movies portray it? What are the disadvantages/advantages?


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  • This is going to be a long response so, be prepared.

    Marriage or dating a military member is really complicated. If you are just dating, then the military will not pay for you to move with your SO. If you are married to a military member, that member can choose to have accompanied or unaccompanied orders. Accompanied orders is where the military member and his or her SO will move to the destination. Unaccompanied is where the military member is treated as a Geographical bachelor, and the SO stays at his or her current place. The advantage of having Unaccompanied is that the orders are shorter. Deployments can range from several weeks to maybe a year. While the service member is away, there is a program for FRG (family readiness group), and they act as a support group. There is also the OMBUDSMAN, a spouse from the command, who gathers the wives and plans for parties and support events. They also let you know the most current status of the service member.
    It takes a strong, independent person to be with a military member. Most of the spouses or SO I have seen, they put their careers to the side. Depending on how transferable your career is, getting a job for yourself maybe difficult. More importantly, you have to make sure the will is ready, life insurance, and Power of Attorney are set before the deployment.


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  • although I have never dated one, I'm related to two.

    It's lonely. It's sad not seeing them
    And you can't contact them, everything is under their bosses agreement. It's nothing you can control. Yes you are proud but that's it.

    It's a very lonely life but if you want children you need to acce


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