Why am I invisible to girls?

Well there are these girls in my class, where talk a lot to each other. I think they are attractive, one I know has a boyfriend, one she has mentioned it but don't know believe she still is in that relationship. The third one in not sure, but they are always talking about other guys they find hot. I don't know why they do this yet they never really notice me, they say I'm funny but that's it. I know that I'm handsome, could lose some weight, even then I feel I'm cute. It just a bummer that every time they never really notice me and mind you I would love to take two out of the three, the last one I just told myself she is out the picture no matter what since she is with my friend. It just seems that none of the other two really nitice me, because they never really sent any signals (but then again I suck at picking up small signals). I'm thinking to myself what must I do to even be noticed, because I promise you they have mentioned every guy in class but me (I think I might just be being mad childish and insecure), but then again it does something to your confidence especially with one of them I am really attracted to. My excuse yea excuse, for not going up to her is that she tends to bring up this one dudes name every so often which I believe she said is her ex from over six months ago. She always finds a way to plug his dudes name in, then she tends to really hang around another guy. So I just figured she is not interested, even though every time I see her I want to ask her out. We talk pretty good and I joke around with her, but feel so unsure about the situation due to what I previously explain. Not to mention I have a lot of people in the background telling me to focus on graduate school and the when I'm done to then look which is true. Just feel so conflicted and just invisible to most women.


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  • Your class? You are 30-35 and still going to school?


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