I feel like shit when my boyfriend likes hot girls on instagram?

I know most are gonna tell me its not a big deal and that I'm silly for getting jealous and sad over this.
but I can't help to feel like complete shit when he calls other girls pictures 'hot' or 'gourgouse'.
yes he tells me I'm those things too but I know the truth I'm not either or those things he says its reality but its hurting more than usual cause I have a jealous streak in me, ... iv talked to him about it but he doesn't take it seriously...


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  • You are simply hurting yourself, the earlier you stop this feeling the better. You are simply the victim and the judge at the same time. This thoughts can ruin your relationship. But a few advice is that you should talk to him or let things be.

    • Please read my post again

What Girls Said 1

  • He's being pretty selfish and all you can do is the SAME in return... LIKE and follow OTHER GUYS, tell them their hot and post some new hot pics of yourself, see if he likes it. Give him a taste of his own medicine.

    • I did do those things but he tells me that he doesn't care that who's pics I would like or what guy I would call hot, he tells me the like whoever I wish to :/ and as for posting a selfie of myself yes he would like it but it would just be him and a few of my girlfriends...

    • I think he has issues and can't be real with someone, or just don't want to care about your feelings. I would take a break from him for a while.

    • Honestly I would have actually broken up with him but there is no one else and I have a depression problem as well id hate to be alone in life and we have been dating for 5 years now...

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