Girls, Do you actually use Tinder?

I have a finder account just for shits and giggles but it's made me a bit self conscious I got one month of the plus deal so I get a ton of super likes and basically mostly use those every day and get off, I've like hundreds of girls profiles and only got a few matches and even less actual messages, don't get me wrong I don't expect to find a serious relationship on Tinder and yes I was being very picky too (something I enforce of physical attributes in real life) however I don't want just sex I want a legit relationship with a girl I'm strongly attracted to physically as well.

point is should I be concerned given how few of matches I've gotten despite using it in a university town liking hundreds of photos, or does Tinder not really represent what girls would accept in reality etc?

  • With that few of matches in that many likes you gave yes, I'd be concerned some you may have a tough time
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  • No, Girls don't really take Tonder too seriously
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  • No, I don't use it

    • Do you have an account at least, sorry this is more geared towards if girls who have it take it seriously or if it's just a laugh type deal

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    • You are not missing out on much. Besides a couple friends who are horn dogs, Tinder really hasn't done much for anyone I know.

    • Yeah, I've heard the majority of guys on the site are just looking for hook ups which is why I haven't used it. I'm not sure how true that is though.