He's too busy for me? Is this a lack of interest or just bad timing?

around New Years, I met a guy. 👌 We both go to college, but our colleges are about an hour apart. My home is fairly close to him (so if I go home on the weekend I can easily see him). We aren't close though. I mean, we hooked up the first night (totally planned & no regrets if I may add). We continued to message each other. The week before we hooked up we texted daily. after the first hook up, I asked if he wanted to again and he was like yes!! I'm a really attractive person, great face and body, so I couldn't see him turning it down. Plus, we have great sex (he was sweating profusely after).

Its been a couple weeks now :( I don't have real feelings for him, but I've never felt so drawn to someone sexually before. Maybe it could lead somewhere if we actually tried. He is a really nice, nonparty dude.. he doesn't hook up often. He is a star athlete. Which is our conflict... I'm at school throughout the week at class. Come weekend, he has track meets every day. And he lives with a bunch of dudes so it's hard for me to pop over whenever. (His saying). I don't know what he wants or how he views this. We snapchat each other. We don't really text daily at all.. He texted me at midnight one night ago. He has a month and a half left of track. Last night he said he hates postponing seeing me and really wants to see me.



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  • If you like the guy, be patient and see what happens. He only has 6 weeks left at track. When he does have time for you, you can get a better evaluation of the relationship you have with him. Then, you will make a decision without the what ifs.


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