Coworker set us up... can I delete him?

So, a coworker set me and this guy up. I'm 23 and he's 33. They went to college together and she said we were a lot alike. He hadn't had much luck with girls and he is a guy, according to her. He seemed attractive and is an attorney, so I said sure. She gave him my number and he text me. This was before Thanksgiving. It took him texting me on and off for almost a month before he mentioned taking me out to one of his favorite Mexican places "once the holidays were over and things settled down." I knew he was busy (his dad's family lives states away and he was spending Christmas there) and so, I didn't think much of it. I think he must have lost my number because after a few weeks, all he did was Snapchat and Snapchat message me and that's how we have communicated since. He used to Snap me every day and now, it's every once in a while. Grant it, I got to where I quit answering his snaps because I was over his juvenile way of talking to me when he is a 33-year-old man. Anyway, he actually ignored me the other day when I snapped him on a what-the-hell whim, but then snapped me yesterday. I've been wondering what his deal was and I finally found him on Facebook. He lost a lot of weight over the last few years and I think he's more interested in dating out of his league and his hobbies. He had pictures with half-naked women at racing events and sport events, the kind that are hired to work. He also had tons of pictures of racing rallies and derbies. He eats out at fancy restaurants every day and I noticed he always hangs out with his mom on weekends. I was kinda shocked, but it made sense why he acted so... wishy washy. He's not serious and he's still stuck in a 21-year-old mindset, whereas I act older than him. If I delete him off Snapchat, will that make things weird with my coworker? I just don't see this guy ever growing up and stepping up to do the mature thing and give me a call to set up a date. He's too stuck on his toys and mom. I prefer the guy to lead and he's just not it.


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  • Why would it make things weird with your co-worker? Just delete and move on!

    • I don't know. I'm the only single teacher at our school. I just didn't want to confirm that I'm a freak who has had horrible dating experiences repeatedly. For example, not even making it to a date with this guy. It wasn't my fault, but I guess I'm afraid of what this will look like on my part, as stupid as this sounds, because I feel judged by my coworkers. But, I'm tired of seeing him on my Snapchat Newsfeed. I think you're right.

  • He's a 33 year old lawyer. There is no our of his league.

    • Touche. Perhaps that's why he has trouble with women. He picks the ones who use him over the ones who are actually good women.

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