I feel dirty and I need advice (Not like that)?

long story short, I've had a few guys reject me, which really took a toll on me. Before getting rejected, I used to fantasize about having a boyfriend and I would love all things romantic and coupley. After getting rejected so much, I've kinda given up. Not in a bad, self pitying way or anything. I just don't feel interested in love anymore. I feel sorta dirty and used, like I'm not worth being loved and that nobody will love me. And it's not a bad feeling because like I said, I don't care and it doesn't suck to feel this way. It's actually kind of freeing, because for once in my life, I'm not actively basing my personality and decisions on romantic possibilities. I just feel to blah towards love. Has anyone else felt like this, or has any opinions or advice?


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  • If it makes you happy, so be it.
    All's well that ends well.


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  • Yup i've been there too. It is refreshing to not give a damn about love and not worrying if so and so likes you back. But, i will tell you that when you are like this you will start seeing the world in dull colors. Like everything is blah and when you least expect it love is gunna hit you like a truck. ( happened to me and i sm still not to happy about it lol). The fact is we are going to want to give up on love and we are gunna feel lonely and broken and feel like shit. Because let's face it life isn't a disney movie where we all get our happy endings like cinderella and them. We try to have an optimist view about love or life only to be let down ( a lot sometimes) in the end. But that's when we gotta pick up the pieces, wipe those tears baby girl and keep walking. Besides them boys are missing out so don't worry about them do you and once they see you doing well for yourself that's when they will try and come back into your life and by then you would already be a stronger, wiser, and better women.


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  • I feel like it's a personal victory to make decisions and present yourself without thinking about romance! Maybe getting comfortable with yourself and showing off the real you is what you need to help you find someone :)

  • Yep, I'm feeling this right now.
    There's always a reason why it doesn't work out. I don't feel attracted, he isn't ready, too different lives, he just into sex, ... So tired of that.
    Love seems to have lost my address😛
    So, I'm going to give up, let it go.
    It always serms complicated and love shouldn't be that way...
    From now on, I will start enjoying the things I have, the good friendships, my job, the kids,... and spend time doing the things I like.
    Love yourself and enjoy the life you have, you probably unconsciously still want to meet prince charming though... Well, I think that's the best way to attract him in your live.