I have opened up about my feelings to be in a relationship with a girl. And this happened. What is this?

I would talk a lot less before to her. But my friends used to stay she used to stare at me all the time. And she often tried to get in a conversation with me. Slowly, I got a hang of it a bit, and we got open to each other a bit, and then I asked her if she would be interested in a relationship.

She politely asked me that she is in a relationship but that we can be friends. But I humbly rejected the offer and mentioned that will be hard to be continue as.

Still after that day she would initiate a conversation, started asking for hang outs, and on chats and calls know more about my personal life. She would also get pissed when I won't pickup the calls. I just messaged (SMS) her on birthday, and she was pissed that I didn't meet or call her on her birthday.

It's really confusing. What's the case? And what I should do?


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  • It sounds to me like she's either a) making you a back up, in case her current relationship falls through or b) actually viewed you as an important friend/someone she cares about and wants to keep you in her life because of that.

    I personally lean towards a, because if I was her I would've just respected your request not to be friends for a while.

  • She just want to be your friend. if you don't then be strict.. avoid her. because if you even talk her you give her hopes to become friends


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  • She still wants to be just friends or keep you as her doormat just in case

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