Guys, Everyone says I'm pretty even the guys I want but they don't like me. What should I do?

All the girls from my group envy me, they even tell me!. Boys say I'm pretty, the best looking of the group. But I can't get a boyfriend. I don't know why. Could you please tell tips or something.


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  • several reasons could be the case,
    for the guys it could be
    1) Because they think they are not worthy.
    2) Because your not their type, could be personality, specific looks etc
    3) because they treasure you more as a friend or sorta like pure etc
    for girls to be envy you prob because
    1) you get more guys attention
    2) i dont know thats the only one i can think of lel

    for tips if you really want a guy, just any guy just ask guys out yourself, However if you want a guy to approach you then just be yourself. there's no need to change anything, just little things like maybe the way you dress, hairstyle, less/some makeup, etc