Could he be cheating?

Hi I've been dating a guy for two months. It is a more casual situation in the sense we see each other 1-2 times a week. He usually texts to set up plans with me and an occasional how are you text.
We met off a dating site. I have recently asked him if he was dating others as I wanted to be exclusive. He said he isn't, but because of his casual attitude to us I'm getting suspicious. I slept over for the full night at his house last night, he had an early start for work so left me the spare key. On making the bed there was two dark long hairs on the opposite pillow which don't belong to me, and another on the bathroom floor. It upset me as I'm scared he's sleeping with another woman, how can I approach him with this?

So I decided to be more direct. I didn't mention the hairs but I asked him if we are exclusive... his response... I don't have an answer for you.
I told him I need to know he's not with other women and he said he doesn't owe it to me to say one way or another. I said but if I'm sleeping with you then I can't be involved knowing there might be someone else. I don't want a heavy committed relationship but I need sexual exclusivity. He said I'm the one with the insecurity
and if it's eating away at me then he can't be doing with a clingy woman. I feel really upset by his remarks and feel once again I've been sweet talked for a guy to start backing off when he thinks he might have to commit in any way shape or form. He's keeping his options open right and sounds like he is seeing another woman otherwise he'd just say no there's only you?
It's like he doesn't want to lie to me by saying no but then can't tell me directly cos I'd walk


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  • He either lied to you or at the time he said it he wasn't dating anyone else. I learned the hard way when you want to bevexclusive with someone you meed to tell them this specifically. Tell him that. Dont tell him about the hairs. Then if he says yes but you still keep finding hairs on his pillow, you know he's a lying cheater and dump his ass.

    • Thanks that's helpful I need to use that word don't i? I'm scared about the hairs, two on a pillow and one on the bathroom floor. I won't mention them. I've decided I'm going to leave the chase to him and see if he does actually care or if there is another woman well she's welcome to him. I'm upset I may have been used for sex but he's talked the talk well. Just hope he's honest and it comes out ok in the end thank you

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  • Did you actually tell him you wanted to be exclusive, or did you just think that in your head and then expect him to read your thoughts?

    • My exact words was are you dating anyone else as when I'm intimate with someone I like to know I'm not one of a few and that I want a steady relationship in life. He would have known what I meant by this surely? I beat around the bush I know

    • Yeah he probably knew what you meant, but agreeing to go along with it is something different. Sometimes you can't beat around the bush

  • That's always a plausibility yeah

  • Just straight out ask him

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