Do I see how it goes or end it now?

I recently met a friend of a friend on a night out. I liked him and we started to spend a bit of time together with mutual friends. During this point I found out he was 18 (I'm nearly 26) the age was a shock at first but I decided to try forget about it. We have started seeing each other on our own and he really is a lovely guy, I've been with some pretty bad guys in the past and I know he is nothing like that and already treats me better. Although I feel a lot of the time we just don't have much conversation even when I try have a bit of banter he doesn't get it. In the few weeks we have been seeing each other he has already mentioned me moving in with him, children and holidays with family. All this put together has put serious doubts in my head. Is it better to leave things and admit it isn't going to work or give it more time?


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  • If it's giving you serious doubts about it then just leave


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