Guys and girls, should I be worried if my boyfriend is liking the same girls' pics on instagram?

My boyfriend are in a ldr and we've been dating for almost 3 monthes. One day I decided to check out who he was following. he's probably following around 5 girls. I saw a girl named mary, and I knew who she was. Something happened between them awhile ago and she stopped responding to his messages. I don't know if they're friends or not because they follow each other and he still likes her pics. Out of the 40 some she's posted he's liked about 24. All mostly selfies. They go back to like 40 weeks. But I noticed he hasn't really liked her recent pics. Him and her are or were internet friends. But I noticed they're following 2 of the same girls? So I decided to check one out. She's posted about 10 selfies but she doesn't post often. He liked all of them except for the last 2. I just wonder whats running through his head when he likes them. I wouldn't care if he liked a few girls pics here and there. But he's liking the same girls pics and it gets me mad. He has no reason to like almost all of them. It bothers me. I randomly asked him "Would you be okay if for example: I like my friend Mike's selfies every time he posts them?" and he said he wouldn't care, and that there's nothing wrong with it. Which honestly shocked me. I never like any guys pictures. Because I don't need to and I feel like its wrong. I'm driving myself crazy with this. Sometimes I'll be like "who cares, this is stupid" other times I really think about it. And I don't think its okay. I trust him, I just don't know why he does it.


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  • You're overreacting. His is only liking pictures on Instagram. Why are you worried?

    • *He


    • Tbh jeleousy is a big part
      It just makes me feel insecure ig, I feel like he thinks they're more attractive than me 😂

    • If he thought they were more attractive or if he liked them more he wouldn't be with you, he would be trying to be with them.