Can a player really care for you or is all just really good bullshit? If he does care, can he care enough to do long distance relationships?

So I met this guy and in a short amount of time I developed feelings for him, I know it's nearly impossible to ACTUALLY be in love in a short amount of time, let's just say that I really really cared for him and I believe he really cared for me too. He's moving to San fran today, he tried to break it off because Long distance relationships most likely end in shit and he doesn't wanna just hurt me and end up being an asshole to me because he knows I'm nice, he told me if he stayed here, I would definitely be his and he would never let me go just like that. I didn't let him break it off because I wanted to give it try still, but even if he liked me and we wanted to keep it going, wouldn't it be selfish of me to hold him back just because I like him? He's moving far away, I can't give him what he needs. The only times I'll be able to do that is when he visits every 3-4 months. Logically speaking, breaking it off and leaving this relationship on a good note and maybe even being friends is the best option for us. But I can't bring myself to do that for obvious reasons, I get jealous. Maybe he's not a good guy or maybe he is, I think he is a good guy because I see the little things he does but he doesn't have to do. He could just leave me out here in the dust because there's nothing else I can give him, I gave him everything already, but he didn't do that. He also told me to never let any guy just tear me down, even him. He told me to make them sweat and chase after me like I did to him because men will only ever pay the same respect you pay to yourself, no more or no less. Maybe this guy doesn't love me for real, I KNOW he can't really love me for real in just a short amount of time, that's ridiculous and I know he's not that stupid like me LOL.. but I know he cares because of the way he is. I know he's a player and he plays games, but I know he's not heartless because he paid me more respect and genuity than any of my exes in just a short amount of time and I really appreciated that. I'm selfish to hold him back, I really am, but I don't wanna let someone good like him slip, I wish I could just be his friend but that shit's just too hard when I'm wondering if he's talking to any girl out there. Help?


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  • Well, he has to go... and you have to question your behaviour!

    • Yes turn my behavior?

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    • if he stayed, I knew something really nice would've formed if he was as dedicated as he said he was. But that's just not the case. He's leaving and I'm still keeping him to myself and that's selfish, right?

    • Yeah right, sorry to say that but u have to move on

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  • I don't think he's as invested as you are. I say try to stay friends, if it's meant to be, fate will find another way.

    • What makes you think he isn't invested?

  • Tell him not to leave

    • He can't, he has to because of business. I've only known him for a short time, that's selfish of me to do.

    • I guess, sometimes your heart gets in the way 😞