Should I give this guy another chance to take me out or no?

I've been talking to a guy for a few weeks and he asked me out on a date on Thursday. I told him I was free on Saturday during the day and he agreed to that. Well Saturday rolled around and by 2pm I stillhadn't heard from him. I texted him then and asked if the date was still happening and he told me he still had an errand and had to go see a friend and after that we could go out. Well I had evening plans (which he knew about) so I told him that woud be cutting it too close.

Now, it's Sunday and he's asking if I'm available tonight. I am free but I felt disrespected by him last time since he knew I was only free during the day but then completely disregarded that. Do you think I should give him a chance and just go out with him tonight or not?


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  • What do you have to lose? If it goes good you'll be happy. If it goes bad you got a free meal out of it.


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