He replied with 'lmao' should I continue the conversation?

We're long distance... we've not arfued or anything. We spoke on the phone night before last. We were texting and ik he's bisy with work and all so i don't mind him taking hours to reply sometimes. Anyways u said something and he replied with 'lmao'... See i can continue the conversation with him but I don't know if i should... he's always given short replies he's not a texter lol but i feel like he doesn't wanna speak to me. But when i ask him he says its not that at all... What do you think?


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  • I hate short or one worded answers

    • Me too... Im nt sure what to do... Like i was going to say something but nt sure if i should...

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    • Hmm thanks

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  • Ask if you can call him...

    • Why? he's at work lol...

    • If he is at work, then that's why he only replied with "lmao"... That's all he had time to reply with. He most likely felt that if he said nothing at all it might come off as rude or make you think he was ignoring you, he was being polite and letting you know that he read your last message. Just wait till he gets off work and I am sure it is fine to continue your conversations.

    • Nope i sent thay message to him last night and he answered it severe hours later more than 12 hours... in thay space of time he's slept woken up and gone to work... Why couldn't he give his repky last night?

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