Will my friend ever end up finding Mr. Right this way or end up alone?

I have a female friend, we dated briefly in the past, but, despite all we had in common, it didn't work. We have become very good friends, talk about anything with each other.

I have a concern about her, she uses online dating, has a long list of expectations in what she is looking for in a man, and is looking for some head over heels feeling upon first meeting the right guy for her. Basically trying to find love at first sight.

She has basically become a serial dater, she broke up with a boyfriend of 2 years and immediately started dating, going directly to that dating site without giving it any time.

she is set on trying to find the guy she wants to marry and have kids with, and it seems to be a big priority in her life. To me, she has this fairy tale ending planned for her life.

some of the things she is willing to do seem crazy to me. At one time I asked her if she was willing to give up her friends if a guy she was dating wanted her to, she actually had to do a lot of thinking and all she could say was probably not after just the first date.

i think she goes out with a different guy once a week. She still admits she's not over her ex, but that her biological clock is running out of time, she's only 31.

her list of expectations in a guy is a couple pages long. She has to keep a planner and notes about dates to try to remember what she did with who. I do know she doesn't just sleep with anyone.

im worried she is going to end up alone in life and very depressed, or, if she does find someone, it could be a big disappointment for her.


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  • I'd say the future looks bleek.


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  • Maybe... if she's extremely attractive, etc. and are exposed to the type of guys she typically prefer.

  • not likely she seems like the type that is only accompanied by a lot of cats and boxed wine. unless she removes her fantasy expectations she's going to be like that lady that died and then got eaten by her own cats.

  • No. Women are no longer interested in mortal men.