Getting more looks nowadays but don't know how to react?

Basically, I used to be blind until I was 18, I never liked wearing glasses and didn't have contacts. Then I got contacts and my whole life changed. I started becoming more confident, went to the gym to lose weight and now my face looks quite nice haha - not manly but it's cute - not too baby cute.

I'm still not super lean but I'd say my body is average.

anyway, now I see girls looking at me and when I say looking, I mean I can catch them and then they quickly look away. Thing is, because my mind still doesn't believe in itself, it struggles to look at girls back because I might be seen as creepy, despite having warm eyes.

How can I combat this? I fear I'll die a virgin sometimes unless I change things haha


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  • This sounds terrible! I'm sorry that you have to deal with this insecurity. Everyone has problems with the way they look and other things about themselves, but the only way you can start to face your problems is by starting to love yourself. Compliment yourself every once in a while, dressing nicely and keeping good hygiene can help with believing you look good, which it sounds like you do. Smile back at these girls, talk to one if conversation seems fitting, put yourself out there. Learn to love who you are!

    • I'm clean, I smile, I'm generally happy. Part of me is actually scared to get involved with someone tbh.

      I don't like someone having the power to destroy me. If someone meant so much to me, they could leave and leave me in pieces. And I'm a great believer in why change things if they're working? I. e. I'm single and I'm getting by in life and I don't have many issues. So why change that status quo? Why risk change which could change the tranquility? Is finding love really all that worth it? I mean, yeah, regular sex would be nice too.

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