Does she want to be In relationship or not?

So I've met this girl about 6 months ago. we had a connection since day 1. And went out every weekend. We got real close. But recently I told her that I really liked her in a romantic way, she told me that she Iikes me back and we kissed, but the next day she text me saying that she cherished our friendship and that she wanted it to remain that way. The thing is the I know she likes me and vise versa. But she has been hurt in the past ( cheated on) my friend told me. Every time I try to get close It seems that she pulls away. like she has this emotional wall put up. We go to concerts all the time and dance together out whenever a love song comes up she pushes my hands away from her hips and tells me to stop. will giving it time help me? Any advice will help, Thanks.


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  • Just give it time. But if things aren't getting any better make it clear that if she really does not want a serious long term committed relationship with you after a long amount of time then it's ok. But by then I would think that it would be best to just let her go and move forward to someone else that does not have any emotional baggage that they just can never let go. Otherwise she is going to hold you back from being in a serious long term committed relationship.