Why do black women think liking people outside their race is Self-hate?

This is stupid, so I had like a 6 hour argument with black women and some black men that I like Latinas and I prefer latinas over black women because I'm not attracted to them, then they started saying I'm not a black man, the world needs less people like you, why do you hate black women and that I'm an idiot, I'm confused, isn't this similar to what a racist thinks of other people who don't believe in what they like? Oh I don't agree with liking something/someone you like so that automatically makes me bad? Why isn't it okay that I just am able to be friends with black women, but not date them? What's wrong with my preference, don't everyone has preferences?


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  • i think it's weird to say that you're never going to be attracted to a black woman. really? you've met all the black women in the world and deem them to be unattractive in your eyes? that's just dumb in my opinion.

    your narrow-mindedness makes you sad, not bad. everyone has preferences but that doesn't mean you won't be judged on them.

    • Okay, whatever you say, some people just aren't attracted to certain people, simple as that. You can call me narrow-minded all you like, doesn't change the fact I don't find them attractive. It's not like I'm saying I hate them, I'm just saying I'm not attracted to them, I can be friends with them though.

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    • What are your preferences when it comes to dating guys?

    • i've been attracted to guys of literally every race.

  • Because it's insane to say that you find an entire race unattractive. Sorry, not sorry. I'm all for preferences. But I find it offensive as hell to say that you aren't attracted to an entire race.


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  • Well, GaG is the land o' preferences (seriously, I've never seen preferences so throughly discussed in my ENTIRE life), so a great number of people are gonna agree with you. And taking that one step further, I'd actually agree with them *if* this were just a preference.

    That said, the way you stated it didn't make it seem preferential. You said that you're not attracted to black women, implying that you'll never be attracted to one or date one. That's something different altogether, I think.

    So yeah, while it might be an unpopular view on GaG, I find that outlook very strange. And it's got nothing to do with you being black yourself; I just think it's odd that you'd completely dismiss an entire race of women based on "preference."

    • Well I just don't find them attractive to me in a dating kind of way, I don't know just me, I have nothing against them. But you can say what you want about preferences.

    • Yeah, I mean nobody can (or should) force you to feel attraction. But if you can honestly say that you'll never be attracted to a black woman no matter what, then I find that very odd. Like, there must be some underlying issue there, no?

    • I guess you can think of an underlying issue, but for right now, I am not attracted to them.

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