What counts as flirting with someone else?

You know, like complimenting them... being very sexually forward... complimenting their physical features?

What do you think?


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  • I define flirting as any behavior that is intended to indirectly suggest that you are sexually attracted to a person.

    • Oh. So what about 'shagging cats is a hobby of mine' is that an indirect flirty comment?

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    • I'm not positive but it is my best guess.

    • I'm not positive either. But that was my first instinct too. Thank you :)

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  • If it's strictly for fun I generally use innuendo along with my body langauge.

    If it was with romantic intent I may compliment her physically, touch her, and use innuendo.

    Answer mine.

    • Like, does telling a girl she looks 'hot' in an Instagram photo count as flirting? Or do you mean physically as in body wise? Thanks, I will get round to it after dinner!

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    • More like just a joke. But I think it's the tone of the entire interaction that would make it flirting as well.

    • I'm not sure what the tone would be exactly then :/

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