Personal problem, any help is appreciated?

I have this really cute friend, and she moved away 2 years ago. Recently we started snapchatting and texting often, and I don't know what else to do. She doesn't live extremely far away, around 6 hours, and I don't want to be just a friend to her anymore. We snapchat and text often, and it's always fun. I'm considering asking her to come back for prom, but I'm not sure how I would put it, and I'd rather meet up with her at a midway point than over the phone to ask that. Ugh I feel like I'm answering this question all by myself but I know you all have something that can help me, I'm basically clueless, and I used this site to get my last 2 girlfriends so why not try the charm one more time? Thanks in advance!


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  • It might be hard to get her to drive 3 hours (halfway) without a reason... if she does she's a keeper. Maybe you could ask her on Skype or make her a video or somehing.

    • Aye smart lol. Nah I'm not worried about the 3 hour drive, there's a halfway point and I could pick her up or something.

  • i might try getting a date at the halfway point, and asking her to prom then.