What does she want from me?

I told her my feelings and she suggests we should be friends first. I literally told her I can't and that it wouldn't work, I ignored her, removed her off social media and thought it was done. She messages me a few days later and asks why I haven't messaged her and deleted her, I told her why and she says she wants to be friends first and doesn't want anything more at this moment and doesn't understand why I can't be friends with her for now. What is wrong with this girl? Doesn't she understand that a friendship where once feelings are known it would never work, does she actually think I could just be friends with her and she her with other guys and just ignore my feelings. Am I just being optimistic about there ever being more or does she actually believe being friends first would work?

Sorry for the block text, just had to vent. Appreciate any and all advice, cheers.


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  • Sounds like she might be slightly interested in you. Enough to wonder if things could work between you two. However, she wants to cover her butt by saying just friends so just in case she finds things she doesn't like about you, she can just let you go without it being a big deal.
    I honestly don't believe in being friends with someone who you have feelings for. It just never works, so I agree with you on that