I'm a bit confused... advice?

Okay, so I'm gonna make this as short as possible. I met this guy, and he's great. We hung out on Thursday night, drank wine, cracked jokes, played Fifa and watch a few movies. It led to me being tipsy and I stayed the night. We did the deed, and it was great. He made me breakfast Friday morning, and I stayed until mid afternoon and then headed out to do some daily errands. We talked a little later that day nothing outrageous. He worked a 24 hour shift Saturday and he's of today, Sunday. He texted me around 4:00 asking what I'm up to tonight and I said I don't have anything planned. He responded with "maybe we can get together later" i said sure I'd like that. Time passes and I don't hear anything from him, I'm under the impression we are going to see each other tonight probably grab food and wine. So I text him "what time were you thinking" and he replies "not sure year what my plans are I'll let you know" about an hour later will nyohing and it's now 7:30 I say "any idea about tonight?" Still no response. It's 8:20 now.. I don't want to read this wrong. Does he like me, or just want a piece of ass?


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  • The fact that he's waiting until late at night to hang out makes me think he's wanting a booty call...

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