Why would the guy I used to date like my pics on Facebook? Am I reading too much into this lol?

Basically I started dating him but something went on in his life and he started ignoring me, including a message that asked 'why are you ignoring me?' 😫
Its been over a week now. I posted pictures of my new hair cut and he liked it...
But it's like- why? I mean if you're trying to show someone you're not interested you don't encourage it by liking their selfies. He knows I'm upset with him too, i'd assume anyway, so I don't know why he'd think it's safe to like them 😂


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  • Hmm. No telling.

    • What do you mean lol?

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    • Aw thank you :)
      I probably go after the wrong guys!

    • You're welcome :)

      Yeah maybe so.

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  • It's just a like. Nothing more.


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  • I think you may be reading into it too much.

    • Maybe

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    • Why is it hard. Don't be shy. I would ask you out of you were my age.

    • 2 questions where are you from, and do you have kik

  • If he said why are you ignoring me it means he wants you to talk to him and the only reason for that is most likely to begin a relationship ie... friend, friend with bene. o even girlfriend. Guys are attuned to going after girls because we have to.

    • I've messaged him and he's ignoring me. Now he's randomly deleted me

    • He doesn't know what to do, got embarrassed because you were not responding or whatever and left

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